Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Welcome to the Make a Difference Day blog of group 3! The goal of this space is to track our work and accomplishments on the Make a Difference Day project in which we are completing for Leadership 101 at Marietta College!
Our group decided to choose the community project of Marietta In Bloom.  The basic premise of the project is to beautify the city of Marietta, Ohio with plants at the entry ways of the city in order to enhance its attractiveness and increase the interest within the city.  Through working with community partners and volunteers we will learn leadership techniques in a hands on environment.  Make a Difference Day takes place on October 26th as a national initiative for service.  While October 26th is the pinpoint day of the project, the much work  has and will take place in the preceading weeks.

Follow us on our journey to making a difference in the city of Marietta, Ohio through our work with Marietta In Bloom!

Bloom On,
Emily Drabeck

"Always do your best, what you plant now will bloom later." ~Og Mandino

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  1. Thank you, Emily for creating an informative, enthusiastic blog for all those interested in the grassroots group, Marietta (Ohio) In Bloom. The efforts and energy you and ALL your Marietta College peers devote are greatly appreciated. Trish Caldwell-Landsittel