Tuesday, September 24, 2013

There are 31 days till Make a Difference Day but the work has already begun! Last week we met with the our community partners that will work with us to help make Marietta In Bloom a success.  The community partners are members of the Marietta Community and have a wealth of knowledge to offer. The first meeting with our community partners took place on September 16th and we were able to learn more about the Marietta In Bloom project! The project started approximately 4 months ago with the unending work of the community partners.  On Monday September 16th we were able to learn how we will be able to contribute to the project and ask questions.  In addition, we were able to visit the first site of Ft. Harmer Drive to get a feel for the area.  Our next meeting was planned for September 23rd.

Yesterday on September 23rd Cierra and myself were able to go with Donis and Bob Yoder, community partners, to get a hands on demonstration.  At the demonstration we visited the Ft. Harmar Drive site and learned how to remove plants from the beds and place newspaper around planted plants to prevent weeds.  This demonstration was important because it gave us the chance to learn the proper techniques in order to lead our volunteers on volunteer work days.

Leadership Lesson:  
Today the importance of the relationship between followers and leaders was illuminated.  Within the Marietta In Bloom project our group must know when to act as leaders to our volunteers and each other and also as followers to the community partners.  This relationship helps to explain the fact that sometimes it is necessary to step up and to step back. When working with the master gardeners it is necessary for the group to step back to be able to learn from their knowledge.  In contrast though, we must also try to step up in order to bring a new perspective and youthful light to the project.

Some of the root bulbs pulled that will be transplanted at a different site.

Emily (Left) and Cierra (Right) working in the flower bed at Ft. Harmar Drive.

"To plant a garden is to believe in tomorrow" ~ Audrey Hepburn
Bloom On,
Emily Drabeck

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