Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Since our last post there has been great progress upon our project!  I can't believe that it is already October and Make A Difference Day is right around the corner! In the past few weeks we have toured all of the Marietta In Bloom Sites with Diane Bruno, made initial impacts at the Ft. Harmer site, and met in a formal meeting with all of the Marietta In Bloom community partners.

When touring the six sites our group was amazed at the progress that had already been made and the condition that many of the areas are in.  We found it very interesting that each entry way to Marietta has vastly different conditions that affect the way many look at the city. In particular the North Gateway of the city will greatly benefit from the beautification due to lack of attention in the area! While the tour was only an hour, it gave us a greater understanding of the city and our project point.  We would like to thank Diane Bruno for taking time out of her day to provide us with this insight!

Our group at the skate park site. Left-Right: Emily, Tim, CJ, Cierra

CJ learning about the Elephant Ear Plant at the Valley Gem site

On September 28th, we held our first work day! CJ was the team leader for the work day. Her team made a wonderful impact at the Ft. Harmer site.  Look for a reflection about CJ's experience soon!

Last week on October 3rd, I was honored and pleases to represent our group at the formal Marietta In Bloom Meeting that took place at 1:00 at the Microtel Hotel in Marietta.  At the meeting I found it very interesting to see the workings of a formal meeting.  The amount of "behind the scenes" work that is put in by each of the community partners really inspired me to take my thoughts about service one step farther.  At the meeting we also finalized work days and what will be done at the work days.  I found the meeting to be very productive and look forward to possibly attending the next meeting on October 16th!

Leadership Lesson:  
Throughout the past two weeks I have been awakened to the idea that as a leader one must create an open healthy environment for communication.  In both the tour and the meeting, there was a healthy environment that provided me with the ability to ask questions, feel involved, and learn.  Also, in the tour with Diane Bruno she stressed that the work in the North Gateway of giving each home a flower to take care of gives the residents a purpose.  Through a purpose we are all able to find unity with each other and make a difference.
Be sure to look for these signs around Marietta! 
Bloom On, 
Emily Drabeck 

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