Monday, October 28, 2013

On October 19th we had our final work day before Make A Difference Day! This work day took place on October 19th at the Valley Gem site.  The work day was from 9:00am-10:30am.  The main mission of the work on this Saturday morning was to prepare the area so it would be ready for planting onMake A Difference Day! Cierra Bloom, Whitley Trussler, Kalia Czigans and myself were the volunteers for the day and we worked with our community partners to make the vision a success.  On this particular Saturday I learned the importance of turning over the soil in order to remove all weeds and slugs from the flower beds.  We were able to clear all four planters and prepare the soil in the first planter! 

At the Valley Gem on October 19th!

Roommates Whitely and Kalia bonding while cleaning the soil
Cierra clearing her rake before continuing work
Emily removing the weeds from the flower beds

Leadership Lesson:  
This work day was the first time that weather was a concern in that it was very cold! While a little cold weather might not seem like a leadership lesson, it definitely is! The weather put a new challenge upon our followers and us as leaders in that we had to encourage each other more and more! In this situation it was important to use referent power and build the relationship between leaders, followers, and community partners.  The 19th also taught me that through my work with Marietta In Bloom I have developed a love for improving my transformational leadership qualities! In other words, I am striving to create, help, and inspire those around me to follow me in my vision!
Our group by the flower bed we were able to clear!

Bloom On, 
Emily Drabeck 

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