Thursday, October 17, 2013

Hello everyone! 
I just wanted to take a moment to reflect upon the last work day that took place at the Ft. Hamer site! The work day took place on October 9th and the main goal of the work was to clear half of the second planter.  In addition, we moved dirt to be cleared in the first planter.  Volunteers at the day consisted of Riley Osborn, Whitley Trusler, Colton McWain, and myself.  With successful team efforts we were able to complete all of the projected work within 2 hours! We would also like to thank Donis and Bob Yoder for their continued efforts in working with us! Also thank you to Diane Bruno for providing transportation to the work site.  It was exciting to know that the progress we made on the 9th greatly impacted the speed at which the project is moving.  With only one work day left till Make A Difference Day the excitement is building! 

Whitley and Riley pulling up flowers in Planter 2

Colton and Whitley prepping planter 2 for Make A Difference Day

Emily removing a plant with her favorite shovel! 

Leadership Lesson: While working at the Ft. Harmer site on the 9th I began to think about the concept of managing people.  At the site, I was the designated group leader and I had 3 volunteers "followers"with me.  After I explained the project goal, it was amazing to see how each person found their role within the project.  To me, this displayed that people do not always need to be micromanaged or have strong expert power over them.  In the task at hand by letting each person develop their own method the project was strengthened through creativity! 

October 9th volunteers! 

Bloom On, 
Emily Drabeck 

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