Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Hi everyone, Cierra Bloom here!
There are 9 days and 10 hours until Make a Difference Day. I'm very excited to get the project officially underway! We've been working hard these past couple of weeks attending meetings, viewing sites, learning about plants, and preparing the sites for our planting. It will be very rewarding to see how all of the sites turn out once we're finished.
My favorite part of this project so far has definitely been meeting all of the wonderful people who are contributing to Marietta in Bloom. I wash't sure what to expect from this, but the second I met Mrs. Bruno, Roger Kalter, Bob and Donis Yoder, I couldn't wait to get started!
So far I have only attended the visiting of the sites and one day to learn how to plant at Fort Harmer, but I am going to work at the Valley Gem site this Saturday, as well. I've also helped Emily with some of the behind the scenes things such as, folding 500 brochures in a matter of an hour!
Cierra folding Marietta In Bloom brochures 

Leadership Lesson: 
Through this experience I've learned that by taking initiative to do something so small such as planting some flowers, a person can gain followers to help reach toward a common goal. All it takes is motivation to make a change and big things can happen. Frank Christy had the idea to beautify Marietta and now there are a lot more people on board and contributing.

Bloom On,
Cierra Bloom

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